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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Welcome to Stamp Club!

Have you ever wanted to grab the awesome host benefits Stampin' Up has to offer - without actually "hosting" anything?
If you said yes, Stamp Club is perfect for you!

Here's the skinny on the club:

- Clubs run in 6-month increments. 
- Each club consists of 6 members, and each member gets a turn to be the club host (and receive host benefits).
- The first person to register for the club is the first host, and then it goes in order from there.
- You can join more than one club at a time, as long as you keep all your club commitments. You will be added to subsequent wait lists in the order you joined.

Here's how the club works:

- I will email you a Host Code on the first day of each month. 
- You agree to place a (minimum, before tax and shipping) $25 order from my online store, http://scissorsandlove.stampinup.net, each month, using the code I send you. 
- You agree to continue placing a minimum $25 monthly order every month using the code I send you each month -  for the entire 6 months of the club, between the 1st and the 15th of each month.
- Your orders will be shipped directly to you from Stampin' Up.

When it's your turn to be the Club Host:

- I will email you with the amount of free product you have earned as host, and you will have 3 days to send me your list.
- Host codes expire 30 days after they're created, so we have to get the club closed for the month so we don't lose our host goodies!

Fun Stuff:

- When you join Stamp Club, you'll automatically receive free catalogs for as long as you want them!
- Thank you gift: I send hand-made gifts each moth to everyone who ordered from me the previous month.
- After you have fulfilled your 6-month commitment, you will receive $15 in free Stampin' Up product of your choosing, as well as an additional grab bag of product worth at least $20 (I tend to be very generous though, so it'll probably be worth more than that 😉)

Fine Print and extra legal/rule stuff:

- Stampin' Rewards are based on the orders placed within your group. When you're the Club Host, you are welcome to invite friends and family to place orders using the monthly club code.
- This club is currently only available to US members. Sorry guys! 
- Orders have to be placed through my online store.
- Order totals don't carry over - for example, if you ordered $50 in May, you would still have to order a minimum of $25 in June.
- You have to fulfill your 6-month commitment to receive the free goodies!
- If you default on your commitment, you will be removed from the current club and replaced by a member from the wait list.

*The first round of Stamp Club will begin the first full month that we have 6 members. You will be notified before the month begins.*

Ready to join us? Just fill out the form below.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing that you’ve read the rules and will place a minimum $25 order each month for six months using the Host Code provided each month on the 1st day of that month. You also understand that if you default on your commitment, you will be removed from the current club and replaced by a member from the wait list.

 You will forfeit any benefits from the club after you have been removed. Should you fail to honor your commitment a second time, you will not be allowed to join Stamp Club again for a period of 1 year.

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