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Monday, April 16, 2018

50 (+) YouTube Subscribers!

Back in January, when I started this whole Stampin' Up journey, I decided I wanted to show other people how easy it is to make beautiful paper projects. 
So I started a blog. 
And then I started making YouTube videos.  
My kids subscribed to my YouTube channel, which was really sweet. But then, other people started watching the videos and subscribing. 
On Saturday morning, my subscriber count reached 50. 
50 people have actually liked my channel enough to want to see more! That might not seem like a big number, but it's amazing to me and so very humbling. 
You guys... 💚
So I want to do something as a note of my personal thanks. I took all the names of my subscribers and put them into a hat (if your account is private, I can't see your name and therefor couldn't enter you into the drawing). Hubby drew the winner and it is......
You have won a set of hand made cards!

Also, as a thank you to my 50th subscriber, I will be sending a gift to Jo A.

Please send your mailing information to me at scissorsandlove@gmail.com
If When we reach 100 subscribers I'll do another giveaway, so tell your friends!

Thanks again for subscribing folks; you have no idea how amazed and awed I am.


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